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1 Young Athlete Dies Every 3 Days in the US

Due to Sudden Cardiac Arrest

89% of athletes survive SCA

with AED use

Find out whether you should invest in an AED, and which AED is right for you.

What Athletic Trainers Say...

What to look for when

buying an AED

Total Cost of Ownership

Ease of Use

Ease of Use




AEDs are a must have piece of equipment for any AT to have at all events. They're an investment that has to be made.

Tara Grubbs
Head Athletic Trainer,
Pearce High School, Richardson, Texas

It saved his life so knowing how to do this, I mean you just don't know, it could be in the practice room, out in public, in school anywhere; you just don't know so it's always good to be ready, be trained

Mark Jayne

Assistant Coach

St. Edward High School, Ohio

For Athletic Trainers, portability is vital. We're always carrying so much gear; it's another piece of equipment that we have to lug around. It'd be nice in they were smaller and lighter.

Robbie Bowers
Head Athletic Trainer,
Rancho Bernardo High School,

San Diego, California

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